Saturday, November 18, 2017

Open world gaming

Have now played Final Fantasy XV, Witcher 3, and am in early days with Breath of the Wild and I must say that now it's the world that stays with me and grips my imagination.  In earlier games, it was the characters and plots, and I'm not sating they are not now robust, oh no. But the worlds, ah the worlds that are created to explore and wander through, that is proving purest joy.With Geralt's search for Ciri, I did feel a tug of urgency, but with Link now I have almost forgotten there even is a plot! Our dear Baudelaire even with his Les Paradis Artificiels can be jealous of us proto-hikkomoris! Is this the future of humankind? Nests to caves to houses to Matrix pods dreaming as Kath and Den we wander in holo-cene holo-graphs, controlled only by the shackles of our own internalized limitations.