Friday, July 27, 2012

Vision of the Questing Knight

the fisher king
relaxed and triumphant
his line slack
drifting on calm waters
as the golden one
who holds the Grail
blesses the Holy Lance
with her moist lips

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ymir's bliss

yawning void...
on either side--
a hunger.
a great beast
with his presence
at the center
fills the gap
draws together
fire and ice
two young spirits
seeking other
yet now his
on each side
take their place
his lust pulling
them together...
now fastly held
in his great arms

mr world

Mr World is out there
Leering with his grin
Mr World is out there
All he wants is "in"
Other ones have tried it
And they seem ok
Other ones have tried it...
Perhaps he'll come today.
He'll plant his seed inside me
Far in, where none will see
He'll plant it deep inside me
And it will grow for free.
Then I will be like them
I will be "ok"...
Mr World will have me
He'll never go away

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A zeppelin going down

over water now
land behind us...
unfriendly place--
makes us think
keenly of home.
loss of lift--
captain's order:
all surplus over!
we have so little,
is any surplus?
food will go,
ammunition too...
guns? why not?
we can't fight--
anyone could have us:
jump or burn?...
that's it--all gone.
land in sight
water looks cold...
we might make it,
i hope...