Saturday, December 20, 2014


Happy frightful Tuesday.
Your chief beneficium
Is that you aren't Monday.
Drawback? Well, I'm afraid
You aren't close enough to Friday.
Who is this Tiw? ---
Why should HE have a day?
Sun, Moon, Wotan, Thor, Freya,
I get them all, even Saturn,
Old devil that he is.
But Tiw? Come on now!
We don't even know him.
He lies amorphous in our week,
Too far from any weekend,
Lacking Monday's cloying evil.
Not even a hump day ---
Wotan gets all that,  :P
Pushing off Tiw's weak tea,
Tipping him into the bin,
Passing us on to Thor,
Then to Freya, best of all,
Who, with Tiw just a memory,
Brings cheer to our hearts
At the time furthest from work
And Monday's terrific clangor!
"Now wait!," cries Tiw, aghast.
"Who am I, you ask?
In my day a greatling god,
But now I'm just a clod?
You don't like my day?
Then, pfft, just go away!
Where's YOUR day then, man?
I am but who I am.
You should know me, eek!
I'm one seventh of your week!"