Monday, June 6, 2011

our number

john dee, alchemyst
to the first queen elizabeth
said we all have an angel--
a divine guardian,
and each angel has a number.
ah! if we could only
know those numbers!
then we could contact
any person, any where...
well now we know them.
all those numbers--
but the angels are forgotten.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The last of the old playground

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving (1997), I stood on the hill behind Pastor B--'s house, near the TV tower. Form this vantage point, I could see most all of Elizabethtown, from Groff Avenue to the new Foxbury development, and far out past route 283. When I was a boy at the Childrens' Home, this view was obscured by the forest, but no longer. I felt as if I were in a calm, untroubled place, far away from the day to day worries of life. how I wished I could stay here forever, observing, but not participating....with no more close, entangling concerns.

Then, suddenly, from far below, my son Brendan called to me, saying, "Come down here, Daddy. Let's follow these tracks!" I looked down upon the old playground behind the S-- Homes. There I saw huge piles of earth, like mountains striving to reach up to me on the heights. And there were many tracks, made by the backhoes and bulldozers, going in all directions. I did not want to go down, but for Brendan's sake I did. We followed many tracks, and looked for treasures which might be hidden in the mud. So many children had played and had fun in this place.... There was no pleasant view down here, just a rocky, muddy waste land. Soon we found that the tracks went nowhere, and the mountains, which seemed so solid from a distance, would not hold our weight. How I longed for my former place on the hill.

Finally, I accepted that we had to leave this place. I called to Brendan, but he was far away. Knowing that I would better be able to find him if I were on the hill, I began my ascent alone. At last, after a steep climb, I had returned to my place, and my all-inclusive view was restored. I saw Brendan in the distance. When I called to him, he came running, a happy child running free over that space as others had in their time. He wanted to climb up as soon as possible to be with me and share what he had seen. Together then, we talked and looked out over where we had been exploring, then far out over the roof tops of Elizabethtown.

Our Playground, c.1950-1997, R.I.P.


What if things, both concrete and abstract, were defined not by what they are, but by how they become? Becoming...coming-to-be and passing-away are phases of most all things within the cosmos. Being and becoming are the same because time does not stand still. A concept or thing can not be pinned down by a definition that captures in in only one moment of it's existence. A true definition must encompass all of the defined's becoming, and thus is impossible for us who are within the cosmos to fully comprehend.

The Power of Words

Words create the "land beyond nature," i.e. the meta-physical realm. In the ancient world a war was fought for the sole title to the land beyond nature. The importance of this war to its participants was this:

(AXIOM): In the land beyond nature all thought forms expressible in words are at base level of equal value due to their existence alone.

However, in order to uphold a social order in the natural world, the land beyond nature must seem to be monolithic,. i.e. holding to a certain set of acceptable principles upon which the social order is constructed. All who oppose these principles must be condemned as infidels or heretics because they, by their mere existence, attack the very foundation of society. Few indeed have broken through to this fundamental axiom....

Today, however, we have Gaga...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


i'm not ready for this
it's too stressful
too wide open
too outside the box.
i need to get back in!
i shouldn't have come out...

things are all tangled,
all muddled up--
there are too many people...
one on one is best:
but we are all bound in bunches,
tangled up like potato vines.

two can create a moment
but can they sustain it?
i do keep hoping
maybe this time
it will be different
and i will know
that at last i have found
the one who can untangle