Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cubiculum IV - Hurricane

don't worry...
I keep some of you
deep within me
stocked-up supplies
a surplus to get me through

when it's "lights out"
and I'm alone in the dark
I won't be afraid
I'll be strong
for in my lone candle
I feel the warmth
of you beside me

Cubiculum III

coffee coffee
i'm not good company today
leave it alone...can't you see?
swirl away people
back to your holes
i don't want you today
well...most of you...
maybe just one
damn! where are you?
(Yes. I know well where.
There's no need to answer)
I can feel your presence
and it's good..soothing...
oh. I don't know...
let's just go!

amazing this!
how it all emerged
blossoming, thriving:
childhood to youth
to full maturity
and still room to grow--
where? I don't know
I hesitate to see
but I dream clearly
goals and details do emerge
they cannot be held back...
but for now
let's just walk
in our garden

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cubiculum II

tongue pulse golden dream awash
gentle stronger life encompass
the earth... the focus
where it all comes together
now at last alone along
adored hider and beloved invisible one
they are as one as space allows
space we find we found ~ establish't...
pre-claimed and now forever ours


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cubiculum I

where does the time go?
oft, anyhow...
places small are found
to crawl in
intertwine & rest
after fierce play.

i think we see
it comes to this:
in any moments,
at any time,
the prince & princess
are true!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

a day off (DADA collaboration)

hulala wod enoo
lala moo tink
evor phuc
lala mala...
wod mala...
mmmu sala
clomp e'dray!
evor alla...
mmmu may!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

red brick townhouse

i'd like
to live
in town

a red brick townhouse,
far away~

to walk to theater,
shop and store...
coffee houses
for poetry
and more~

to have no lawn
but a public park;
to hear the horns
and the dogs that bark~

i think
i will

but until then
my thoughts will play!