Monday, December 26, 2011

action with no context

action with no context:
i see myself breaking free
but i can't do it.
there it is! my goal!
i see it there in the distance
but how do i get there/
i usually plan...
but this time i cant...
i want to do SOMEthing
but if i do...but if i do
it will have no context within my life
within my rut..
ooh it will have the deeper context to me
but that is a secret
so the action itself
in the doing
will make its own context.
long ago, my brother in law's wife
went to new orleans..just went..
the act had no context
well none that those close to her could see
but THEY weren't really close, were they
the ones REALLY close knew...
but the others invented, manufactured, wove
a context for her actions...
and THAT became a self fulfilling prophecy
are we ready?
is anyone brave enough?
to act as their heart leads
and let those others weave all they want
damn them! they don't KNOW!
they think they do..but
if i cant even take the first step
i will never get anywhere
unless i listen to my guardian spirit
who whispers that all will come to pass
if only i am patient..
the future cannot be forced or manipulated
so i relax...and wait...
that is my context