Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Well it's election time again. I tried to stay out of it but the constant stream of negative adverts has got to me. Will someone plz tell me what they will do for me, instead of what a monster their opponent is! In our country there are only two parties, Demokins and Republicrats, whom we swap in and out with mediocre regularity. If one doesen't get the job done we put the other in, and so on. Demokins mean *demo- which is Old Gothic for to show, to demonstrate, and kin who of course are relatives you can't get out of your house no matter how many hints you drop. Thus, they are folks who pretend to care about us, but really just want something from us that we love and just wont ever ever leave us alone. Republicrats means republic, which is the country, or all of us, and rats which are small scruffy creatures who infest all our hidden nooks and crannies. Republic and rats were linked because at first they were a group of people who rose up out of the woodwork of the 1790s to push that notorious jacobin Thos. Jefferson into high office. They later were seen leading the reaction to jacobinism, but not so far as calling for the Prince-Regent to re-assume control of the lost colonies in the name of his insane father.

In conclusion, we have come a long way, but have far yet to go by far, perhaps even in an electric car. In the last Presidential Election, we saw the spectacle of two doughty Irishmen battling it out, McBama and O'Cain. Why just 50 years ago it was a stretch to have just one doughty Irishman in the race! (Side note: here in Pennsylvania, we hoped and prayed that neither of them ever ever found out what happened at Duffy's Cut in 1832...) Of course while O'Cain was a true Munsterman, some wags implied that McBama was nor even Irish at all, but a Scottishman transplanted to the Ulster Plantations in the 1590s by Sir Edmund Spencer, landholder and author of the Faerie Queene (!)!

Anywayhow, I am a socialist, supporting socialism in one nation, which should NOT be confused with fascism or leninism or anything the UK or Sweden have done. I believe in housing and employment, and in using the skills of those at hand to improve our rusting infrastructure. So, come on candidates! If any of you have real ideas, let us know! There is still one week left to the election after all.

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