Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lil Bunny and Munny

Once upon a time, lil bunny went to the store. There she saw people getting all knids of good things, so she wanted some too. She saw that the other bunnies went up to the shopkeeper and then took their goodies out of the store, so she did that too. "Ahh hello," said the kindly shopkeeper, "what can I do for you, lil bunny." "I-I want these," she said shyly, placing the candies on the counter. "Well, lil one, you need bunny munny to get them." "Bunny munny?" "Oh yes, let me show you," so the shopkeeper opened the cash register and showed the lil bunny the bunny munny. "Oh," she gasped, "I understand!" And lil bunny left the candy on the counter and rushed home. Lil bunny was very talented, so she sat down at her table and drew a perfect replica of the bunny munny that the shopkeeper had shown her. The next day, lil bunny went to the shop and picked out her candy. Full of confidence, she went up to the counter and presented it to the kindly shopkeeper. "And do you have some bunny munny today?" ""Yes I do," replied lil bunny, placing her bunny munny on the counter beside the candy. "Oho, what's this!," exclaimed the shopkeeper, carefully looking at the bunny munny. "Why, this is funny bunny munny!" "What?" asked lil bunny. "B-but that is what you showed me yesterday, isnt it?"
'Well, yes, it is a good copy, but this is funny bunny munny, and I can only accept real bunny munny in exchange for goods at my store." So lil bunny took back her funny bunny munny, and trudged sadly home. There she sat at her table, and plotted a terrible revenge. She grew up, went to university, got a degree in economics, went forth and mastered Bunny Wall Street, and came back to her home town with enough money to buy that shop several times over!

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