Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Asuka's Three Arrows

as Soryu Langley
this hommelette
Japanese and German
bless'd by gods
with biting wit
and lithesome form
has seen the mirror
fused the fragments
and fled the forest.

now she stands
near green ocean
under blue sky
outside a cave
aglow with vitality.

just above
the mass of hair
red and tangl'd
Aphrodite's son
shoots three arrows:
one to Zeus
wellmuscled thunderer
one to Poseidon
wielder of Tridens
one to Hades
brooding in darkness.

as each is struck
they come, and see:
glancing eyes
glistening shoulders
swell of breast
curve of waist
mincing feet--
all of which
now may be
theirs to win
if they dare!

MeAsuka sigh--
arching back
smiling like him
who drew to near
in crafted form
the brilliant sun
losing his wings
falling to earth
in blazing ruin.

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