Friday, July 22, 2011

Koteka--abo Oyinbo: (ogun orixa+freyja shipping)

nets of naija
entangle me:
being an object
is now my fate?
but here i am
a special THING~
royal regalia
the "yellow gourd."
my curiosity
brought me here
to you, great one.
and you took me
to be your bride.
but now i see
i must be trained:
golden hair
and pink skin
do not kneel well
or hold burnt umber
with lissome lips
without experience (!).
i will be special
i will have value
(so you say)
for you are a god
as well as king~
creative fire!
a burning god
that i must cool,
sheath to a morsel
fit for a goddess...
northern ice
for tropical fire!

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