Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Arnie & Zoe ch. 1

Chapter One In which Arnold Philip Young III make the acquaintance of Zoe Carlotta Marie Tietjens

Arnie's memory.
It was just my first or second day at the Academy. I had arrived in mid-term, but well before the Easter break. My room was small - perhaps it wasn't a room at all, I mused...they had converted a closet! That would explain why there was no wardrobe...and so many shelves! But there was a bed, and my very own audic too...
limited calling around the campus, of course.

Anyway, it was getting late and I dimmed my astrolux to the lowest reading level, and settled in with one of my favorite books, Barlowe's Libretti by Merlineus Textor, propped on my pillow. I set off to my dreams with the story of "Fair Rosamonde."

I must have nodded off, because the clic-clic-clic of the audic awakened me with a start. It clic'd again several times before I found it. On the wire (as we say, even though there are no wires) was a young woman from the Medical Office. She needed to ask me a few questions for the admission report.

Zoe's memory. Voices...it was loud here. And there were so many voices.

"Go on..."
"Snrk..ask him if he does it!"
"Well..not like that.."
"Say it like...'We need to know if you have had seksh-you-all eent-err-course' "
"Well don't just jump to that...geez...say 'carnal relations' or something official-like.."
"Yeh, but start small...I mean like 'have you had chicken pox...' "
"He would already have answered that!'
"Well maybe he won't remember.."
"They say he's wicked smart."
"The new boy."
"Who says?"
"Gawd, why must you say everything's 'wicked'? It's really annoying."
"I don't.."
"Shhhh! She's making the call!"

I click'd him up on the audic. He was so very serious when he answered that I nearly lost my nerve. But then, I thought..'He is too serious for a boy his age..I must help him to enjoy life...'

"Hello, is this Arnold Philip Young the third?"
"Well...th-this is Miss Tie--Thomas with Medical Records."
"Ahh...what can I do for you, Miss Thomas?"
"I am finishing...finalizing your..aahh...medical record here, Mr. Young, and I an afraid I have a few more questions for you. Sorry."
"No, it's fine. Please ask me anything."

(Snrk ..this is too easy!!...Shhh!!)

"Ahh well...aahh...Mr. Young..."
"H-have you ever had...had...ummm.."
"Well...to put it....well..have you ever had...to experience of...of..."

(Go on!!!..Geez, Zoe! Just say it!!!)

"Mr. Young....have you ever had sexual intercourse?"
"No, Miss Thomas, I have not."
"Well then...then....thank you for your time. And have a good night!"

I turned off the audic and threw it across the room. I was shaking and gasping for breath.

"Well geez..that was boring.."
"Yeh..what's on the cinecube?"

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