Monday, June 25, 2012

Your Gyant God

adapted from Baudelaire's The Giantess, tr, by R.Howard

had you been there
when primal nature teemed
with monstrous progeny
you would have tried
to nest beside
some gyant god
the way that cats
sprawl at the feet
of those who feed them.

loving to watch him breathe
you would see his lower arm
grown tremendous
with his terrible games.
and you would study
rain-clouds forming
in his darkening eyes
to know what thunders
gather'd in his heart.

scaling the slopes
of his enormous legs
you saunter through
the landscape of his lap.

and when fetid summer
makes him stretch
across the lands
you will sleep, untroubled
in the shadow
of his arm--
a peaceful homestead
at the mountain's base.

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