Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gofaric the Gyant - part 1 of 3

((there are just not the right kind of fairy tales out there for me..so i must write my own..but be warned, they are oddshippy....))

Long, long ago there dwelt in a dry, dark cave upon a low hill the gyant known as Gofaric.  Ages out of mind had he dwelt there, hibernating at times for decades, and forgetful of even his own past.  But prodigious strength he had, and earth-lore aplenty.  When awake, he keenly hunted his lands.  His only fault was a lack of sustained attention, the exception to this being the possessive desire he felt toward his beloved treasures.


After a particularly sustained and satisfying hibernation, the gyant Gofaric was rudely awakened by a riotous cacophony of sounds  not heard on his low hill sanctuary before.  During his absence, the city of Algersheen had been founded, fortified, and converted to Christianity.  King and bishop now presided over a thriving and prosperous trade in foodstuffs and antiquities.  Gofaric took great offense to this blemish upon his domain.  Taking up his club, he smashed his way into the city, breaking walls and houses.  He rampaged all the way to the royal palace, where he espied and seized King Roger's daughter, the Princess Colette.

((ooh! ooh! what will happen next? stay tuned to this station!))

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