Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gofaric the Gyant - part 2 of 3

The gyant Gofaric kept Princess Colette tethered outside his cave as a lure to all would-be rescuers.  These had been promised the hand of the princess by the King.  All set off from that city blessed by Bishop Abner, and all were easily defeated by the gyant!  Most fled in shame, but a few were slain, and their remains cast into the violated barrow of John the Old, first king of Algarsheen.

At his very wits end, the king did take council with Bishop Abner.  Together they decided to expend the resources necessary to summon Jack, the well-known gyant killer.  Indeed, this same Jack did then arrive with great celebration and homage, and the whole city turned out to watch upon the day when he went up to the low hill to challenge Gofaric.  But the gyant did mash him with one blow!  The throng, with their king and bishop together, fled headlong back behind the broken walls of Algarsheen.

((ooh! ooh!! who will defeat the gyant now????))

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